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techCAE specialises in Computer Aided Engineering and design services.


   Turbo Machinery

techCAE provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services to the Turbo Machinery sector, ranging from blade design to optimization of the impeller, diffuser, inducer, turbine rotor/stator, suction guides, suction and discharge piping and balance devices. We also offer thermal analysis, fatigue analysis and investigations of the failures of impellers, balance devices.

 Oil & Gasatom-icon 

techCAE is specialist in providing Engineering consulting services in the Oil & Gas sector. Our team of specialists in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and CAD modelling can provide expert solutions for the oil and gas sector.

test-icon     Energy

Our expertise in the Energy sector includes Hydro Energy, Conventional Power (coal, oil and gas), Renewable, Fuel Cells and solar energy systems. techCAE can help you in the design of innovative products, improved the efficiency of the existing power generation technologies, reduced the cost and impacts on the environment.


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